PPPoE Over cnWave

My network is based on PPPoE for customer authentication and rate limiting but I am struggling to get this working over my cnWave link.

PPPoE concentrator is in the cabinet that powers the cnWave, when connected to the switch I get pppoe with no issues but over the V5000 to V1000 link I canot establish a session.

Is there any special settings I need on either the CN or DN in order for this to work correctly?

I should point out that I do have L2 Bridging enabled on all devices, DN and CN.

Are you using 1Gbps SFP on V5K? And which build are you on ?

In 1.2-beta3 we fixed a bug where PPPoE would not work when 1 Gbps SFP link is used.

I am not.

I’m on 1.2-b3 with power and data running over the Ethernet port

PPPoE over cnWave link works fine in the lab and few customers are successfully using the same. Could you please raise a support ticket ? We would need wireshark traces and probably a remote debug session.

I’ll go back to the site tomorrow and re-test everything, if it doesn’t work I’ll be sure to raise a ticket