PPPOE "Passthrough"

Hi all, 

I'm new to the forum and would like some assistance if possible. we just had a new epmp1000 installed and we have a linux server configured as a firewall and gateway. 

with our previous DSL line, the router had a "passthrough" option which allowed the linux server to do the authentication.

Scenario 1: Internet access is possible;

Scenario 2: No internet

Scenario 1 = ISP ----->  empm1000 ----> Netgear WNR2000v5 ----> Laptop (DHCP)

Scenario 2 = ISP ----->  empm1000 ----> (red interface ) Linux GW+ FW --------> Switch to LAN (green interface)

is there something that I'm missing? Should the  empm1000 be in Bridge, NAT or router mode?



I'm assuming you are doing PPPoE in both scenarios.

In scenario 1, is your Netgear router acting as PPPoE client?  Also assuming your Netgear is NATíng and assigning a private IP address to the laptop.

In scenario 2, is the linux server capable of acting as a PPPoE client?

With the ePMP1000 in Bridge mode, you should be getting that "passthrough" capability.


Hi There, 

got it working!! :)

The only entry that was missing on linux server's external interface was the ePMP1000's hostname.... Added that info and viola... All started working. I just had to edit some DNS entries on my linux box and access speed also increased!

I kept the ePMP1000 in NAT Mode, Ethernet Interface on DHCP and the Linux box got the ePMP1000's LAN interface's DHCP range.

Changed DNS entries at the ISP to point to the new static IP of the AP, added some port forwarding rules to the email and webserver (linux box) and all is great!!  

Thanks for trying assist in any case, much appreciated.


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