PPPOE Problems after upgrading epmp3k on 4.5


we're expecting some pppoe issues in this scenario:

AP: epmp3k fw 4.5 with smartpanel

CPE: force200 with fw 4.5 bridge mode

Router: Cisco 800 series with PPPOE client tagged interface

With firmware 4.3 no issues. With firmware 4.5 pppoe always disconnect.(pppoe restarting)

With force 300 and firmware 4.5 no problems.

Please check this bug.


Hi Riccardo,

Is my understanding correct PPPoE client isn't enabled on SM, but located below SM?

Thank you.


The PPPoE is behind a force 200.
The same scenario with the Force 300 and in that case it works.

Thank You

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Hi Riccardo,

Can you please open up a support ticket and provide PCAP captures as well as connection logs from Cisco Router?