PPPoE status error

I found an error of PPPoE on e505 software 4.1.1-r5
Setting correct.
Status in VLAN and IPv4 routes are ok

IPv4 routes

Problem in ppp status

and CLI

Please check and confirm ?

Will test and revert.

Thank You.

hi Pshemo,
Can you please download techSupport from the AP where you are seeing this issue and mail it to: ypa001@cambiumnetworks.com

There are 2 ways of downloading the TechSupport from AP:

  1. From cnMaestro: Go to the AP where you are seeing the issue and click on the ‘Tools’ tab. There will be a Spanner icon – clicking on it will download the TechSupport of the AP to your computer.
  2. From AP UI: In AP UI, go to ‘Operations’ tab and click on ‘Download Techsupport’ under System.

I think this is 4.1.1-r5 issue.
Same situation on e500.
Logs send.