PPPoe still being pushed through after ethernet port disabled?

Elevated radio, ethernet port disabled... The clients router is still tying to push through PPPoe up to 5000 times in a 24 hour period.  Is there a way to prevent this other than taking the router out of the equation and why can it still do so, given the port is disabled? TIA


What is the exact Elevate model how it is shown on the Monitor->System? What is the firmware version that you are using?



Its an ePMP Elevate NB-5G22-XM running firmware version 4.4.3 U-Boot   The client is currently disconnected for non payment, ethernet port is disabled but I'm still getting notifications of PPPoE radius login attempts


IIRC there was a bug in one of the software releases where the ethernet port did not actually get disabled when you tell it to.  Pretty sure that was fixed though..