When will a Remote Configuration Interface be added for epmp as it is in the pmp100 radios? We currently can’t use PPPOE in the epmp radios because we assign public IP addresses which change regularly. To use PPPOE the Network mode has to be in NAT and Wireless assignment has to be in DHCP for the radio to get an assigned public IP and DNS server address which overrides my static IP address. Without a Remote Configuration Interface with a static IP address I can’t access or monitor my radios. the only way I can get to my STA radio is with the temporary public IP address it gets assigned. Please tell me if I am missing something because I really want to be using the PPPOE option the same way we do in the majority of our PMP100 radios. Thanks, John

John - A separate management IP to manage the SMs under NAT/PPPoE is something we will add in Release 2.3 targeted for a release in early-mid Q4 (October time frame).