Is there any way to see how many PPS a particular AP is passing at any given time?

do you use cacti? If so you can enable the unicast packets and monitor PPS.

Yes i do use cacti.

What do you mean by enable the unicast packets?

Set up a graph to monitor UNICAST packets for that particular radio within Cacti.

Sorry for being LAME, but i’m still lost…

  1. Select CONSOLE TAB
    2. On the right select CREATE GRAPHS
    3. Select the host you would like to create the graph for from the DROP down list near the top.
    4. in the “Data Query [SNMP - Interface Statistics]” section select the " Motorola 10/100 FEC" interface
    5. Then in the drop down menu at the bottom right select IN/OUT UNICAST packets and then click CREATE.

I have been awakened…LOL

Thanks alot for the info…

No Worries…anytime