Pre-purchase questions

1. Is the PTP650 FCC certified in the UNII-1 bands? Maximum TX power if so?

2. Any chance of full modulation on a 45mhz channel at 27.8km with 29db dishes? Assume clear LoS with no fresnal issues.

3. Street price to upgrade from the lite to full capacity?

The first two questions can be answered using the Cambium LINKPlanner.

PTP 650 is certified for U-NII-1, at maximum EIRP of:

  • 45 MHz: 39 dBm
  • 40 MHz: 41 dBm
  • 30 MHz: 47 dBm

You can expect about 99.9% availability of 16QAM 0.63 Dual for 45 MHz with 29 dBi antennas. That improves to 64QAM 0.75 Dual for 30 MHz. You actually get higher capacity by dropping the bandwidth to 30 MHz.

The relatively low EIRP is a consequence of the stringent out of band emission rules for U-NII-1. In unregulated operation, the link would easily achieve the highest mode at 45 MHz.

I can't help you with the pricing of the upgrade.


The PTP 650 lite to full upgrade key is $995 per end, MSRP. Contact your distributor for pricing and processing.

Or shoot me a message and I can assist.


can this be bought from any of the authorize vendors/sellers...

our disti are selling this to us at an equivalent price of a new link...why is that?

Hello Gerry,

Are you referring to the upgrade key? Yes, any reseller or distributor can sell you the upgrade key.

Shoot me an email and I can assist.