Preconfigure ePmP devices


I am still struggling here to find a quick and efficient method of preconfiguring cambium CP radios to give to the installation engineers. When we used Ubiquiti, I would donload a backup with all the parameters preset, such as SSID, frequencies , passwords, network config etc. suitable for  a particular Access Point

With the Cambium units, it's not so easy. If you use a json backup and restore, the passwords seem tonot be carried over, using a  bin backup they carry over but you cant read them with the 'eye' symbol in the radio.

Couldn't find anything in the Knowledge base, so any help would be appreciated

If you use the latest firmware (3.4.1) all the parameters, including passwords, will carry over.  I beleive that's the case for 3.3 and up, but I'd stick with 3.4.1.

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