Preferred Routers When Using Cambium "Enterprise Wi-Fi"?

For those of you using Cambium Enterprise Wi-Fi products, what sorts of routers do you like to use for customers?

The cnMatrix switches have some DHCP and other L3 capabilities, is there any intention or capacity there to have a firewall in the future?

[We currently use UniFi, so we use their routers and APs (with good results). We are considering starting to use the Enterprise WiFi hardware from Cambium, but want to look at some options for routers.]

Thank you, Chris


Using Mikrotik as well.

Would kill for Cambium routers that can match throughputs and some of the capabilities that the Tiks have that I can manage through a single pane of glass instead of ansible.

Needs aren’t too esoteric. QOS,OSPF,BGP,VLAN,Bridging.

Mikrotik that have stuck on the 6.X train and ancient Tilera architecture and Ubiquiti I get the feeling the want to be a electronic doorbell manufacturer or some home iot company these days. There’s deffo money to be made from people switching away from Mikrotik and Ubiquiti in this space.

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