Presence of obstacles in calculation (3 meter is the distance obstacle - Fresnel)

Query: I have made a feasibility calculation in Link Planner and I would like to know if a distance of 3m from an obstacle to the fresnel is tolerable and if the performance of the internet connection will be good. I have had several cases of this type and the doubt arises.

Hello Sir,
if the obstacle is not inside the Fresnel zone up to 60% of the Fresnel zone radius, there is no issue. In your case, the obstable seems to be outside the 1st Fresnel zone, so there should be no issue.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

thank you very much sir.

cnHeat and its high resolution LIDAR data would be able to give you a much more accurate way to figure out what kind of signal and modulation to expect.

Thanks for your reply Eric.