Preventing unintentional factory resets (due to power cycling)

ePMP devices feature a method to return the device to its factory default configuraiton by initiating a sequence of power on / power off cycles.  This cycling allows operators to perform a factory default proceure at the device without a tower climb (to physicially press the device facotry default button).  

This sequence of powering on / powering off  consists of four cycles of applyig power for 3-5 seconds then removing power to the device for 3-5 seconds.  While there is a low chance of occurence, it is possible that this sequence can be replicated by a succession of power faults at the device  deployment site.  


To prevent an unintentional device factory deafault due to a succession of power faults, configure parameter Reset via Power Sequence to Disabled (parameter is located in the web interface at Tools Backup/Restore Reset via Power Sequence) .  After configuring this parameter to Disabled, any further factory default procedures must be initiated via ePMP management interface or the physical reset button.