Previous Software Release Availablilty


I would like to update an older Hardware Platform 8 Canopy 100 Series from version 7.1.4, but the recommended upgrade path is to finish the seven (7) series before going to eight (8) and beyond. The issue then becomes finding Series 7 Release notes and associated build packages. Does someone have knowledge of where I might find such items.


Recommended upgrade path: 7.3.6 > 8.1.51 > 8.24 > 9 > 9.3 > 9.4 > 9.5 > 10.3 > 11.01

FWIW I’ve taken radios running 7.3.6 (hw) directly to 10.3 without an issue, and I’ve also downgraded various versions back to 7.3.6. YMMV

A long time ago I zipped and uploaded them to my ftp, but I eventually took it down because I did not want to piss mother moto off. I would recommend that you contact Moto for the software.