Primary Bit Errors


I have a 900Mhz customer - about 10 miles out. Fairly weak link - 92% down and 99% up. P10 radio with 9.3 software, 1x mode. M2 14dbi antenna. This radio is on the fringe between 2 of my APs - it can get a signal from both (I have them on different freqs and color codes).

Here is my BER screen:

BER 4-Level
Number of bits received : 3624009728
Number of Primary bit errors : 14752875
Number of Secondary bit errors : 19683775
Measured Primary Bit Error Rate : 4.070871e-03
Measured Secondary Bit Error Rate : 5.431491e-03
Measured Total Bit Error Rate : 9.502361e-03

What is causing this?

Just an update on this question.

I have been experiencing this problem with several customers. Went out today and checked another one that is having this problem (not the one above). I replaced the Maxrad panel with a M2 yagi. No more errors. Go figure.

I have heard that Maxrads are not the greatest - these are 2-3 years old. It looks like I will be replacing most if not all of them.

I wish I had known when starting out the trouble these would bring me now. Stinkin Moto starter pack!


I wanted to post a similar situation concerning BER errors.

I have a customer about 7 miles out in between two of my three APs. They can get great signal with 2 of my APs.

So, I have them with a 14dbi M2.

Here are the details about the SM from the registered AP (running 9.3 software):

Session Timeout: 0, AirDelay 246 (approximately 6.85 miles (36162 feet))
Session Count: 9, Reg Count 1, Re-Reg Count 8, Session Uptime 00:02:57
Jitter (Avg/Last): 2/2 Power Level (Avg/Last): -75/-75

This seems like a great link (to me). Link test on the SM is 100% both ways.

However, I am getting a ton of BER errors:

Number of bits received : 46206976
Number of Primary bit errors : 17027
Number of Secondary bit errors : 120239
Measured Primary Bit Error Rate : 3.684941e-04
Measured Secondary Bit Error Rate : 2.602183e-03
Measured Total Bit Error Rate : 2.970677e-03

What is wrong with this? Or is this normal? I have changed out the SM (9.4.2) , power supply, re-aimed the antenna. The only thing I have not changed is the antenna itself.

By the numbers it should be a great connection. This morning, it has gone to idle again.

The only thing I can think of left to do is move the antenna off the peak of the house down lower on one side, even though it will still be able to “see” 2 of my 3 APs. And change out the antenna and power supply.

Any help would be appreciated.