Primz 2.0 JAVA Path

I install primz server 2.0 step by step and when I try to start tomcat I get an error about java path.

I do change the default instalation folder to /java and I do not can start the tomcat.

I have java SDK 5.0 installed
when I run /etc/rc.d/init.d/prizmtomcat start i get this error mesenge

Iniciando prizmtomcat: The JAVA_HOME environment variable is not defined correctly
Could not find java executable in /java/bin/bin

anybody have the same problem

Just sounds like the definition for the location of your Java executable is incorrect - from the looks of it, it might be one directory too deep.

This all depends on the version of Linux/UNIX you are running, and your particular shell. If I remember back correctly, if you are using c-shell, the files in your main login directory are .cshrc and .login. These two flat text files contain commands that run at login or are referenced when commands are issued from the shell. There should be a set path = or path = <a lot of stuff> in one of them. Again, the names and locations of these files depend on your flavor.

Like I said, my guess would be that the command “java” is set as being one level too deep. Most likely its in /java/bin, not /java/bin/bin.

Just find where your distro defines your PATH variable, adjust accordingly, and try again. Perhaps some of the real Linux/UNIX experts can help also.

Ok msmith

thanks for your help. I’ll try to fix asap.