Priority on OSPF

I am establishing an OSPF session between a Juniper switch and cnMatrix. On both of the switches I have set the priority to 0 since I dont want both of these switches to be the designated router. On show ospf neighbor, the state is at 2way. When I set the priority to 1 on the cnMatrix, the state changes too Full.

Tried it vise versa, Juniper switch set to 1 and cnMatrix to 0. Same issue, ospf state would be 2way. Once the priority was set to 1 on cnMatrix the state would go to full.

I also tried it within the CLI to confirm if it was a GUI issue or not. The results are the same. Has anyone else had the same issue? Any reason why it wont accept priority 0?

Haven’t tried it like that yet but that mightily sounds like a bug to me.
Best bet is to log a ticket with all the required cli logs.

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