private bridge

A potential customer wants to link two office buildings Lan and telephones.
We propose to use our existing Canopy network to do this. This network presently provides residential internet access to approx 65 subscribers.
His office in location “A” will use a canopy subscriber unit that points to our Accesspoint “X” and his office in location “B” will point to our Access Point “Y”. Access Points X and Y are linked by 2 canopy backhaul units via a central repeater site.

He wants:
1. Approx: 5 simultaneous telephone conversations (building to building)and at least 512K for his Lan.
2. They currently have LAN/WAN computer network subnetted with IP schemes for location “x” and for “y” Naturally they would wish to maintain this configuration.
3. the existing network is presently a 256K leased line from the telephone provider with a v35 interface on cisco routers.

They do not want internet access from us at this time as this is supplied to them by their present ISP at one location.

Our canopy configuration 10.0.x.x and dns to internet is

Can someone please suggest what are our choices and network configuration to get this done, and what new equipment (Vlan or other) would the customer require besides of course the ethernet card for the present routers.

Please let me know what additional info may be required.

All the best to everyone for the new year

I would look into setting up a pair of VPN routers in the case you describe. That will enable you to route securely between the two locations without renumbering on either side. I’m not as familiar with the VLAN potential in this case, as we do not use them in our network yet.

I agree; VPN does sound like the best way to go on that.

VLan would work too, however it would require all of your hops between the sites to recognize the VLan since its layer 2… i think…

Because this is voice and they are used to a Leased Line, you need to make sure the link will be as close to wirleline as possible. Before you cut him over, I’d suggest a proofing the concept by temporarily setting up the SM’s.

Confirm that:
- Linktest Uplink and Downlink between SM and AP =/> 1M
- Link test efficiency is > 95% in 1X and > 70% in 2X
- Ping times between both locations =/< 80ms
- real file transfer between SM’s is 1M.

You could use Filezilla Server one each laptop and transfer files directly between them without having to go through the gateway.

Assuming the above criteria are met, you need a router/appliance that can do several things simultaneously:

- QOS/Traffic shaping
- Site to Site VPN

If the voice runs on a standard port, then you can do QOS by port traffic. If the voice runs on many ports, then you need to do QOS by IP address or MAC.

I have been evaluating the CheckPoint appliance and it is a very very stable device that would do everything you would need. This appliance tags traffic by IP address and MAC of the device. I have put High Priority on my Vonage phone adapters, and Low Priority on SlingBox traffic. I can be using my SlingBox, downloading a large file, and have two VoIP calls running at the same time.

There are other appliances out there. Hotbrick looks like it might have some or all of these features. I would suspect that the MikroTik router might also do everything you need.

The VLAN could be another way, however I think it’s easier to do the VPN.

Thank you very much for the comments and advise. It is very much appreciated.