Private vs Public

I wanted to see what you all think the pros and cons are to Public vs Private IPs. Has anyone ran into having their Public IP SPAM blacklisted when using Private IPs?

When we first started out we ran our entire network behind a single static IP - including our mail and webserver. Blacklisting was a nightmare.

We’ve switched over to handing out public IPs to our customers and have a block set aside for our infrastructure. Things work a lot better this way for us.

One of the problems to consider is if you are served with a subpoena (as we have been twice (we started serving internet accounts in 1996)). With private addresses behind NAT, you’ll never be able to narrow down a specific customer.

Just something to consider.

We use 1:1 NAT to keep the clients safe from the big bad Internet, but they still have individual unique IP addresses.