PRIZM 1.1 Integration To NMS (NetExpert) via NBI

We are blurred with the Northbound Interface. We need to propagate the events and alerts to a customer’s existing NMS NetExpert (Supports SNMP). Their isn’t much a more friendly procedure in the latest user guide. Even the SDK doesn’t offer much input. We need a step by step procedure on how to do this.


Have you enabled the Northbound Interface and the SNMP agent? This is described in the SDK.

Also, note that when you set up the security group in (config/northboundinterface.xml): vacmGroup defines the community string for the SNMP trap.

However, the default is to use the Community String of ‘Canopy’. You may want to update this to read:

<vacmGroup name=“ReadAccess” version=“v1;v2c” communityString=“Canopy” readView=“fullReadView” notifyView=“fullNotifyView” />

<vacmGroup name=“TrapSender” version=“v1;v2c” communityString=“public” notifyView=“fullNotifyView” notifyEntry=“default” />


This will send traps using the ‘public’ community string, which is what the NMS’s might be expecting.

We got it working with NetExpert NMS. Just need to be familiarized with SDK. Once you’ve get used to it, it very straight forward.