Prizm 2.1 on Centos

Since I have seen a fair amount of discussion about this, I figured I would do my part.
I have gotten Prizm 2.1 working on Centos 4.4. Intructions (basic install that I followed) is noted at … centos.txt if anyone is interested. Standard disclaimers apply, use at your own risk, mileage may vary, etc, etc…

Larry Smith

Excellent, thank you for taking the time.

Update to my previous (and will update document also).

1. The license manager only looks at the first (eth0) ethernet interface on the machine.
best bet is to run lmutil lmhostid and verify what lmgrd thinks the MAC address is prior to requesting your license file.

2. Interestingly enough, it appears that license manager (lmgrd) on Linux also looks at the hostname of the machine and verifies that against the IP address and vice-versa (of eth0 interface) so verify the IP address, then run “hostname <name>” so that the name returned from the hostname command matches what lmgrd will get when it does a “gethostbyname” call on the ip address.

Larry Smith