Prizm 3.0 and MIB errors

Ok, decided since not too much appeared to be wrong with Prizm3, and since I want to upgrade all AP and SM to the 8.2 release, I would bite and upgrade from Prizm2.1 to 3.

Redhat server, mysql, followed the instructions and Prizm3 comes up and runs. I discovered one unit just to see what it does.

Notice though, that in my logs (/usr/local/Canopy/Prizm/logs I am showing errors for
CMM4-MIB.txt and WHISP-BOX-MIBV2-MIB.txt such as:

value identifier “BHvlanEnable” doesn’t start with a lowercase character

and ten others resulting in:

Unable to load MIB file due to MIB exception:/usr/local/Canopy/Prizm/modules/mibs/WHISP-BOX-MIBV2-MIB.txt. Skipping to next entry.; found 11 MIB loader errors

then a whole list of apparent “un-defined” items in the CMM4-MIB.txt.

Anyone else seeing this or did I miss some step in the install???


I upgraded to prizm 3.0 w/o problems, however, it wasn’t until I added the prizm proxy patch (from website), that I started getting the same errors. I submitted by email to tech support, they replied a few hours later with the following question:

What procedure did you exactly use to upgrade?

The email subject included a ticket number. A day passed and when I called to get an update on the issue, they told me that ticket number I had did not belong to them. I have not heard from them since. This comes to not surprise to me, as I never had good experiences with their tech support. They sound untrained, not corteous and generally with no will to help, just make assumptions. We, as many may conclude, are a WISP and we have our own helpdesk. They are not the smartest I’ve seen, but instead of making the customer feel stupid when they talk to us, we walk them thru different little tests so they realize they are stupid.

My moto is, do not treat me like I am an idiot, prove it!!

Agree, the August2007 patch is what introduces the errors (I backed it out and most of them went away), but am curious since that patch seems to be the entries needed to “effectively” manage the 8.2 release…

Guess I may have to tap the “money” side of the tree (sales rep) and see if they can get Moto Tech support to either read the board here or something. Be nice to simply know whether or not they “know” that the patch is hosed…

They probably don’t know and if they have not called me back on that ticket is more than likely they discovered this huge mistake where one of the engineers packed the wrong version of the file when preparing the release because most of the errors you see are syntax errors. Things like the line not starting with upper case letters. Clear sign that this is not a coding accident but more like a version mix-up, may be a “beta” file made its way into the production release. Anyways, it would not be the first time (at least in my case) where motorola denies the existence of a problem to me and then 2 months later send a field alert saying they had discovered a bug.

Nope, it would not be the first time…and is not the last…