PRIZM 3.0 problems with bandwidth plans

Hi, we are having issues with Prizm 3 running on a windows 2003 server. We are using the BAM feature to authenticate the sm and to give a bandwidth plan to each SM. This apparently is working, but every day in all the AP’s we are having some SM’s going down to 128kbps down and 128kbps without any apparent reason. We have looked the forum to see if someone had a similar issue without any luck.

The SM’s are going from a correct bandwidth plan to a default one, here is what we see in the session area of the AP:

Software Version : CANOPY 7.3.6 Oct 24 2005 12:06:56
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 020205 (DES) P9
Session Timeout: 21, AirDelay 12 (approximately 0.11 miles (588 feet))
Session Count: 5, Reg Count 5, Re-Reg Count 0
RSSI (Avg/Last): 2057/2065 Jitter (Avg/Last): 1/2 Power Level (Avg/Last): -54/-54
DnRate(BAM): 128 DnLimit(BAM): 1500 UpRate(BAM): 128 UpLimit(BAM): 1000 (kbit)

Can someone point ous where the problem could be?


Wow, I would take that up with support at motorola.

All I can think of is Prizm 3.0 really wants all the SM’s to be version 8.

But that wouldn’t explain your particular problem I don’t think.

I have the same issue with ver. 8.2.x


I believe this is fixed with 8.2.2 on the AP side.