Prizm 3.0

Is anyone running Prizm 3.0 on CentOS? I have it installed and it runs and discovers fine but I can’t get BAM to work or it to authenticate SM’s?? It works fine for everything else, updates software and everything. I set the AP to authenticate with default password and the IP of the server and no one will connect. Am I missing something or will it not work on CentOS

I had all kind of issues trying to get Prizm to run on Centos, and Moto tech support won’t help. I ended up running Prizm on RHEL 4. No more issues. Wish I had better news for you.

– gene

Yah, having the same issues. It has been done though, I did read about changing a couple of files (engined & and changing the mode to DEBUG??? Not too sure if this applies to Prizm 3.0 and CentOS 5.0 though?? I do have it running, just won’t authenticate or use BAM.

Just an update, I was looking through the other posts and found out info. about a radius server and mentioned it to our tech and he says he never set that up, why I don’t know??? (would have saved alot of time). Trying to get it set up to see if that helps SM’s authenticate, he did set up mySQL and thought that did the same thing??? I don’t know?

RADIUS support is intended primarily for compatibility with someone who’s already got a system up and running.

We use Prizm 3.0 on CentOS, but we don’t use the BAM features because we did run into problems with it. It would run fine for a few weeks, then all our radios would start being refused when they would attempt to rereg.

We use Prizm primarily for the statistics. Still disappointed that they don’t track reregs, though. I may yet end up dropping Prizm for a handmade system, if I ever get around to finishing it…

Anyway, please report back to us if your situation improves with RADIUS.