Prizm 3.1 - 30day license

I want to test Prizm on an existing Canopy Network, using the 30day free license. As the network is very important for two clients even short breakdowns of the network are not tolerated! After reading a lot of *.pdfs I have still some questions remaining. I hope that you can help me.

- What happens after the expiration of the 30day license? Any blockage / locking / conflicts of the access to the SM/AP/BHMs?
- Applying Prizm, are there any automatic changes/updates Prizm will execute on any network device the first time I will run Prizm? Especially I DON NOT want, that Prizm assigns new IPs to the stations. Furthermore some BH modules run with older software (7.2.9) but at the moment an update is not desired and interruptions due to updating processes shall be avoided.


Just to inform about the progress:

[Got Prizm running after installing Net 2.0 framework (never forget this)]

I implemented local BHm-BHs link and connected prizm server. Until now I did not connected to the network of our customers.
To avoid the reboot of a station I just followed the steps in 5.2.10, p128, Prizm User Guide 3.1.
Furthermore, after discovering I was asked if I allow rebooting of elements adding them from the Discovered Elements to the Network Elements list. So far quite sure avoiding rebooting.

Anyway, as it seems by now changing configuration details of the BH modules nearly always require a reboot - in Software Version 8.2.4. So varying the configuration of devices in active networks will effect at least temporary breakdowns.

A large majority of the settings on Canopy radios will require a reboot to implement - changes to allow management from Prizm is no exception.

When downtime is an issue I make sure to commit any changes in the early morning (12a-3a) hours.

Once the elements are accepted for management, as long as you aren’t regularly changing their configuration they should not be required to reboot.