Prizm 3.1 changing SMs BW with PHP script

Hi all,

I’m using Prizm 3.1. Only BAM part for authentication and SMs Lite License assignment (512 to 1000kbps)

I have a mysql table called bam_sm with the followings fields (among others):


I’m doing some test, and these fields change when I click “Update elemts for bam provision” from Prizm GUI.
These fields also can be changed through mysql statments and I see “Session Status” in AP showing those changes.
We have a PHP based billing software already running, so it would be easy to make BW changes directly to the mysql bam_sm table, without login into Prizm GUI.

So the questions are:

1. Is there any issues or disadvantages, modifying those fields in bam_sm table?
2. Is there any issues or disadvantages if the BW assigned are not the same values defined in “Services Plans”. Let say there is only “Default Bandwidth service plan” as 256kbps
(sustained down) + 128kbps (sustained up), and I want to assign 750/250 through my PHP script to SMs. Could this generate some issues in the future?
3. Is there any place to find the information about what is for every fields of Prizm DB?


Yes there are disadvantages: the radios won’t be tied to a bandwidth service plan, the configuration history will generate a “Warning” alert, and the radios won’t get updated until they reboot.

Best way to do this is with SOAP via the NBI. I’m working on a similar project right now