Prizm 3 (SM Units moving from one AP to Another)

Hi There,

I recently moved some of my SM units from one AP to another and noticed that Prizm didn’t pickup on this since according to Prizm the SM is still registered under the original AP on which I’ve added the SM originally.

Must I move the SM units manually in Prizm from AP to AP or is this something which Prizm should do by it self?

Prizm should move the SM it’s self once the SM registers to that new AP.

That’s what I thought but it isn’t hapening for some reason. I’m running Prizm3 atm but I had the some problem with Prizm 2.

Do you have Prizm listening to Traps from the APs. Are you running Authentication? Either one will enable Prizm to track the SMs.

You can also go to Define Networks and Refresh the new AP or the SM, to automatically move the SM to it.

I’m using Prizm with BAM authentication enabled and did try to refresh the AP without much success. I’m not sure if I have prizm listening to traps from the AP , will look into that.

Thanks for the help thus far.

Can you verify that the MAC address listed in the SMs Registered To field is the same as the APs, and the SM is listed in the APs session list? In most cases, Prizm tracks the relationship using the MAC address to identify the AP/SM relationship. It also walks the session table on the AP.

What Radio firmware versions are you using?

That’s the weird thing. If I move an SM from one AP to another it will still show up under the old AP’s tree but if I select the “Registered to” attribute under columns it shows the mac address of the new AP :?

The main problem I have with this is that I can’t update or change any of the Canopys attributes through Prizm until I move the unit manually.

Currently I’m running but I’m slowly upgrading my units to 8.2.