Prizm 3

I just noticed this in the downloads section. Has anyone tried it? What sort of experience are you running into, good, bad, neither?


The Mibs all changed to the so if you have devices on older software you will no longer get info from OID’s that changed in the release. An example is the RF 2X Rate changed to RF Rate (I think) so you can no longer monitor, search, whatever on that OID once you upgrade. On the other hand, big improvements in usability, right click works most places. CNUT integration is pretty cool.

I just picked up my v3 licenses and I’m considering moving from CentOS to Windows for my prizm platform.

Hoping I can do a database dump from the Nix based v2.1 and import it into the Win based v3.0

Couldn’t find anything in the docs that addressed this, hope it can be done. May just install mysql on the win box to facilitate that process if it would make it any easier.

No matter what platform you use, you need a database. The safest way is to use either pgsql or mysql’s built in dump utility and re-import. Changing platforms might make a tar of the raw db unusable. You may also consider running the unix command utility “unix2dos” on the resulting dump file to get the correct line feeds.

Is it just me or is the Prizm 3 User guide missing the installation instructions. The 2.1 user guide contained detailed instructions under appendix C: Prizm Administrator Functions.

Is there an upgrade path from 2.1 to 3.0?

I think the install guide for 3.0 is a seperate document now?
There is a migration path from 2.1 to 3.0 and it is documented.

I installed Prizm 3.0, but am getting Server Down.

Probably a licensing problem since I haven’t converted my licenses over.

Anyone else seen this?

the old licenses dont work with the new version.

we have 3.0 all installed in a virtual machine, just waiting on moto to get us our license to see if it works

Any luck with Moto for the Prizm 3 licenses? We are waiting 4 days, and waiting…

weve been waiting since last tuesday for the license upgrade, called friday, they said its 24 business hours and that since wednesday was a holiday it didnt count. They must figure it at 24 hours @ 8 hours/day or something

Still waiting. We paid 100 000 euros for the software. We are installing lites with the default parameters and customers want to kill us. It’s unbelievable how bad support Motorola have!

Tech support gave us a good workaround for this backlog, we requested a 30 day trial license this morning, got it around 430 today, just finished installing it and everything seems to work fine, we will probably go online tommorrow with it.

also a side note: there is a qick installation coming out this month that installs everything including a posgreSQL database for you from motorola!! woohoo!! a day late and a few thousand dollars too late, but it will be nice for anybody reinstalling or just starting

finally go support to cut us a new license, we have it up and running, I love right click menus. I just cant believe a piece of software in the last ten years was created without right click menus, it was almost as bad as coming across a 2 button mouse