Prizm and Canopy Lites

Ok, when it comes to canopy we are a new wisp with 400 wifi customers, and have just made the move to canopy 5.7 for our main tower, we provide interent in rural areas with little compitetion, our speeds are 256k, 384k, and 512k, with the new canopy we are doing 1.5meg, now i was really wondering what everyone thinks of the lite models and making the move to use prizm for the floating liscenses, we are also a cash flowing wisp, so using the lites will help us grow faster than the regular sms, i guess my main concern is the limitations of the lites, and weather they will work out in the long run, maybe going beyond 7meg in the future. i will like to see any inputs and ideas, thanks, by the way, this forum is undbeleivable when it comes to quality advice and help,