Prizm client slow and locks up

Redhat Enterprise 3
4GB of RAM
dual Processors
I know the PRIZM 2.0 userguide on page 281 talks about memory leaks with the mysql-connector-java, but I’ve tried all of the following

and none will workbut the 3.0.11-stable

I’ve also tried increasing the memory in

and it doesn’t make any difference?
what to check next?

What Java version are you using on the client side PC?

Some versions of Java take longer to create socket connections. You may want to try adding a Host File entry on your Client Computer (pointing to the Prizm Server) to speed up the Java socket creation process. (Does not matter what the entry says, as long as it provides the mapping between ip address and a host name).

From the User Guide:
Depending on the versions of the operating system and Java that are running on the client device, a DNS or host file entry may be required on the client to achieve optimal communications.