Prizm Database corruption...

Hi, all. We’ve been running well with Prizm since it was released (we started on BAM) and have had few problems. We have however, had issues a few times where an SM that had been in the system and humming along fine would for no reason that we could fathom, fall out of the network to be found in the Discovered Elements list. Not very often and seemed to be okay after we accepted the radio for management again.

Upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1 Sunday night, and have started seeing an increase in the frequency of these issues, including elements getting element_ids crossed in MySQL. I’m working on an app that uses query-only access into the Prizm database to provide a status map for our network. In this app I have a drop-down box that lists all the clients so that we can select a client and zoom the map to the client radio. I first discovered the problem here, because it does a straight query and lists all the site names from nodemgr_element_attribute in the option box, so I’ve started seeing the double and even triple entries there.

We also see elements in more than one place in the Prizm tree views periodically, and the only way that I know to fix it is to go into the DB with phpMyAdmin and manually fix the entries.

Has anyone else seen any issues like these? I’ll be contacting Moto on this soon, I just wanted to know if this was something specific to our site, or if this was being experienced elsewhere.

Thanks, all!