Prizm eating up all my memory

Hi Guys,

I am running Prizm 3.1 with the latest patch on Linux. We run Prizm on our Dell PowerEdge 2950 with 2GB of RAM. I noticed that Prizm was eating a lot of memory (or should I say Java). I imagined upgrading the memory would fixed it. It improved performance but the entire memory was been used up again.

I upgraded to 4GB of RAM and I still have the same issue - Prizm uses all the memory. Is this normal or is this some kind of memory leak in Prizm or the database connection?

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

How are you looking at Prizm’s/Java’s memory consumption? Utilities like ‘top’ will typically show all memory in use even when nothing is running, this is due to caching junk in RAM, the kernel preferring to not use the disk very much.

Right now my Prizm is using about 30% of 1 GB RAM. Serving ~250 SMs and a handful of GUI users.

I use cat /proc/meminfo and free -m to check my memory status and top to check what each application is using.

free -m gives me the total memory overview.

I am running Prizm with about 105 master elements and 1,100 SMs