Prizm Elements Not responding

Has anyone had an issue with elements not responding in prizm?

We can log into the actuall element when they fail to respond in prizm but my higher ups are starting to question if prizm is what we should use.

Is there another element management system that we can look at or does anyone have insight on my current situation?

Since our Prizm3 upgrade the reliability of the data Prizm supplies has been less than trustworthy. Not only do elements randomly change from Canopy to Generic, but a lot of them will fail polling and will be up.

All of our elements are running at least Not sure if it’s a network congestion issue or if it’s Prizm.

Do we have any idea why? I have opened a case with motorola but had stated this is an SNMP setting issue. I have checked and double checked and I see nothing different from our other networks.

I know this is not a network issue because the server prizm is installed on is the same server we log into the Element with.

Still unable to find a solution on this.

I honestly think it’s a bug in Prizm as we didn’t have this problem on 2.1

Installing the December 2007 update for the authserver in Prizm3 fixed the problem for us. All of the element management is returning to normal and the elements are no longer showing up as generic.

It seems we have a few AP’s that were still on 8.2.1. Doing a global update to 8.2.2 fixed this issue.

Not to open up an old topic to beat a dead horse but I’m starting to see this problem. All our AP’s are on 8.2.2, although this isn’t the problem as much as it is a CMM in Prizm. I am getting an alarm where it is RED but I can still log into the CMM. Like the member above. My prizm server is the same one that I use to login to it. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance!

I would recommend you call Canopy support and talk to them about the issue. They were very helpful in resolving an issue I was having last week.