Prizm filling up root partition

Dear Experts,
Im running prizm-3.0 under RHEL-ES4.6.Day by day my root partition space is filling up.What could be the reason.Still now could not find out how root partition is filling up.Any idea pls help.Total inforamtion is given below:

System Info:
Build: 3.10.r4( 02.18.2008 14:34:11 )
Patch Version: 3.10.r4.p6 (TS=11.18.2008 03:02:57)
Operating System: RHEL ES4 U6
Database: MySQL 5.0.67
Hardware:Dell PE-2950(RAM 4 GB)

[root@Ironman /]# df -TH
Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2 ext3 21G 19G 1.3G 94% /
/dev/sda1 ext3 104M 13M 86M 13% /boot
none tmpfs 537M 0 537M 0% /dev/shm
/dev/sda7 ext3 45G 31G 12G 74% /u01
[root@Ironman /]# du -sh *
5.9M bin
6.3M boot
216K dev
63M etc
24M home
8.0K initrd
98M lib
16K lost+found
48K media
8.0K misc
12K mnt
8.0K opt
951M proc
15M root
17M sbin
8.0K selinux
8.0K srv
0 sys
100K tftpboot
32K tmp
29G u01
3.6G usr
214M var

Thank You
Ashikur Rahman

Maybe your blocksize is set too high. The numbers that you pasted don’t add up, but you shouldn’t be running a production box out of /

You should create a /usr partition for Prizm to sit in (default is /usr/local/Canopy/Prizm). Everything on your machine is eating up /

You should have /var as a separate partition to save your box from running out of space due to logging.

You should have /usr for Prizm, as it logs everything there, and stores all of its performance data there.

/ can be set to 1024MB as long as you have separate partitions for everything important.

Agreed, blocksize appears to be too high (I’m guessing 8 KB) or you are running out of inodes. Separate partitions for various directories are strongly recommended.