Prizm Floating Licenses not working as expected.....

Hi There,

I recently purchased 50 x 512to2000Kbps Floating licenses with the intent to upgrade a few Canopy Lite SM units on our network but I doubt whether it’s working correctly since I’m not seeing any changes on the SM Lite Unit after the license gets checked out. I also did a few bandwidth tests but it seems like the maximum throughput I get is around 256Kbps.

Authentication is enabled on the AP , and the Canopy is definitely checking out a license but as I’ve said it doesn’t look like anything on the unit is actually changing and when I do a bandwidth tests I’m getting the exact same performance as a normal SM Lite unit.

The bandwidth Profile is setup as follow:

Bandwidth Allow License Use : Enabled
Bandwidth Uplink Sustained Rate : 1024
Bandwidth Downlink Sustained Rate : 1024

I’m using the following versions…
Prizm 3.10r4
AP Software Version : 9.4
SM Software Version : 9.4

What are you using for burst values?

I’ve run into problems if my burst exceeds the max of the license. It won’t successfully check out the license.