Prizm Freezing up

We have recently upgrade to Prizm 3 and have began running into an issue. Approximately once per week when logging into the client it will freeze after entering the username/password. There is no error message and nothing in the log files - it is like it times out while trying to load the interface. Sometimes we can log in but will freeze when opening a network. Sometimes re-loading the server service will resolve the issue but mainly I need to completly reboot the server to be able to access via remote client. We are running on Windows 2000 Server SP4 with very little CPU or memory load (2.8GHz and 1GB of RAM). Anyone see similar problems or have any suggestions on how to keep this from happening?

We have seen this repeatedly. On ours it always had to do with a db lock condition.

Any way to keep it from happening?

Keep in mind, we use postgresql. I have had no issues since tweaking the db. Prizm seems pretty sloppy in the way it interacts with the db. Although honestly I think they rely on the jdbc. It seems to open a connection for everything instead of maintaining a persistent connection pool.
Anyway, I shut prizm down every day, su to postgres, run vacuumdb -afz, then start prizm. I do that in crontab of course. There are similar things you can do with mysql. You may also look at how many connections you are allowing to your db and how many connections you allow prizm to have.


How is Abilene these days? I’m originally from Eastland, been in Alabama for quite a while now.

Would you be willing to help me tweak my postgresql db?

Prizm is running so slow it’s not funny anymore. I have to shut it down and restart it a couple of times a day now.



pgadmin III

Found vacume

Bump - thanks for your suggestion lbergman. I was running into the same problem (combined with auto-refresh even the simplest things took forever).

‘vacuumdb -afz’ works like a charm!