Prizm hardware requirements?

How much hardware do we need to run Prizm? Does a dual-processor, 2 gig ram help all that much or could we live with less?

sounds like an over kill…

It depends on your configuration. In order for Prizm to run you have to have.
1. Database server like Mysql, or MSsql.
2. Canopy License server
3. Apache Webserver
4.Prizm server
5.(optional) Radius server

You can run most of them on the same machine or some on different ones. If you have a large system and use Prizm to it’s full potential including BAM you just might need something pretty stout. I used the suggestion below but threw in just a little extra.

Prizm supports only Intel x86 with Pentium P4 or greater processors and high amounts of
◦ Level 2 memory cache (secondary cache)
◦ front side bus speed
◦ RAM.
Lesser amounts support less than optimal performance, and low amounts cause severe
operational problems. Prizm is a multi-threaded application. Processors such as the Intel
Celeron or CPUs that otherwise do not provide good support for multiple simultaneous
threads or processes will not adequately support the needs of this application.

Under the following combined conditions, Prizm has successfully supported 5,000
◦ Pentium 4, 3.0-GHz processor
◦ 1 GB of RAM
◦ 40-GB hard drive
◦ 5-minute polling interval on all elements
◦ all data gathered at every interval
◦ database on local machine
◦ no other applications running