Prizm Install, or lack thereof!

Is anyone here familiar with installing Prizm in Windows Server 2003 environment? We have had nothing but trouble with this. We installed PostgreSQL, which the version we used did not have the same options as the prizm manual shows, we used a later release than the one in the manual because the one they showed was not there for download, so its not an older version. We are running JRE 1.6 I believe, Clean Server 2003 install. Followed all the rules to install the lisence manager, with the lisence, that seemed to go well.

From what I can tell we created the PostgreSQL database properly.

The issue is when we run the installer for prizm, it terminates after the point where you specify HTTP port, with an error about a file.

There is a log file in the Prizm folder that shows 3 java errors.

Im at home, not at work right now, so I dont have the specifics, but any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Also, this is a testbed install, we will ultimately install it onto our SNMP server, which is Windows 2003 as well. One question about that is, we run SNMPc from Castlerock to manage our current Alvarion Network, with there be issues running these two Management Servers on the same machine?


Its finally installed, up and running, Im assuming properly. Now I just have to learn how to use it. Anyone who knows of a good guide that isnt in the moto cryptic user manual format, Id appreciate it.

This was a battle with tech support. They wouldnt help me to figure it out unless I installed exactly the versions of each entity in the manual. like if it said v 1.0.5_2 and I installed 1.0.5_3 of something they would say they couldnt help unless i downgraded to it. Which was frustrating because postgreSQL no longer had the version in the manual. I ended up having to browse all the FTP sites until I found one that had an archive.

And the install guide doesnt tell you you have to use the ANSI postgreSQL ODBC driver. Which it would have been nice if the tech support guys would have told me when I called prior, but they wouldnt talk to me until I had the other proper versions installed.

I can see not offering to help if I was using previous releases, but come one, the java release I had was one newer release, and they still wouldnt help me.

Anyhow, since this was a tesbed install on Server 03, I wrote a detailed install guide for getting setup, and I have all the appropriate program versions, etc. If anyone needs the complete install guide/file kit, let me know, ill send it to you, it totals about 130mb.

Now we have to wait for moto to change our MAC lic. file since this will be actually going onto another machine.

So far, I am not impressed with Prizm, but I havent yet had the opportunity to use it in an operational environment.

You will either like it or hate it.

I personally don’t care for it and like to use “The Dude” from mikrotik, the beta version of The Dude already has the mibs complied for Canopy. Runs on Windows, super easy install in less than 3 min and its up and running.

PS - It’s FREE

Canopy tech support is the worst. My Motorola Sales rep is the best and any issues I have i just call him.