Prizm/MS SQL ?

This is from the Prizm install guide for Windows

Microsoft® SQL Server
Enterprise Edition Version 2003

I callled M$ and this product is vaper ware. I want to use a MS SQL database. The install guide says

The Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition and SQL Server Version 2005 specifically
will not work with Prizm.

Is this a misprint or do I need the MS SQL 2000?

Thank you inadvance for taking the time to read this post

I just had the same question that I sent to Canopy. The reply was that MS-SQL server 2000 has to be used. The 2003 is a misprint.
My question now is: What SQL 2000 patches have been tested with Prizm 3?
What is the latest release of SQL 2000 that anyone has successfullly used with Prizm 3?
Thanks in advance to all.

When I spoke with canopy support they said that SQL 2000 will work with Pizm 3.0 I asked about SQL 2000 work Group edition and got a thumbs up.

So I ordred off ebay MS SERVER 2003 that was SQL 2000 Work Group included with the package only game like 800 for it new and sealed. Just make sure not to get the R2 version as its pack in is SQL 2005

That is interesting. The May, 2007 PrizmSetupGuide for windows on page 18, table 3 only shows MS SQL Enterprise version as the only one tested. I guess I read too much :slight_smile: .
I will be interested to hear how this works out for you. What I am will be trying is a little more complicated. So I purchased the Enterprise version of Win2003. I am trying to find a way around having to buy the Enterprise version of MS SQL server since the only thing I will be using it for is Prizm on this machine.
Thanks for the comments.