Prizm on Ubuntu 64 - Is it possible? Is it safe?

Prizm 3.2 on Ubuntu 64 - Is it possible? Is it safe?

Managed to hack Prizm 3.1r-something client into working on Ubuntu 64 a while back. The biggest problem was figuring out Java Web Start. There are a few howtos or posts about that on this forum somewhere

I had our Prizm server running on CentOS for a long time. never any problems…it’s basically Red Hat just stripped of everything that says redhat. the only problem arose when we tried to contact Moto for support on some issues. their first response is always going to be "we can’t help you because you are on an unsupported platform. reinstall prizm on a redhat or windows machine and then we can help you."

By the way the problem ended up being something with prizm and they have since fixed the issue with version 3.2 but they wouldn’t even talk to me until i had the machine running on redhat. luckily redhat ws isn’t that expensive and prizm runs on it.