Prizm Performance

We were starting to have performance issues with prizm 2.0. I called tech support and the only thing the tech would say " you need to upgrade to 3.0" So we did. The performance if anything got worse. We have tried the performance suggestions with no luck.

Our server has two processors and they are both dual core and hyperthreaded. 4 Gig of ram, and 15K SCSI drives. We have just over 1300 users…

Does anyone know of a fix. I suggested a liquid cooled super computer but my business partners thought that the pay back might be a little extreme.

Thanks for any help in advance

Have you performed a VACUUM on the system at anytime?

We have the same issue and no matter how many times I vaccum the database it doesn’t help. I want to re-install and don’t know if I should use Prizm 3.0 or Prizm 2.0

What kind of performance issues? GUI slowness?