Prizm & Routers

I have a prizm server that is working in my switched/bridged network with no issues. I am currently in the works of putting a router in at my NOC and using prizm that way. The issue that I am running into is that prizm will not authenticate SM’s when on different interfaces thus on different subnets.

E1 – Local Lan with Prizm/DHCP/DNS
E2 – 900 AP1
E3 – BH Master to Tower1
E4 – BH Master to Tower2
E4 – 2.4 AP1

I read somewhere that I have to have the IP of every subnet in PRIZM? Does anyone have a similar setup they would like to share information on?


On your Prizm server you either have to make sure that all of your subnets are reachable via its default gateway or manually add each route. Basically, make sure that you can ping the APs right from your Prizm box.