Prizm Upgrade to 3.0

Hi, Everybody.

Could someone tell me where can I find the Prizm 3.0 installation guide instructions I’ve been trying at Canopy site but no way.


Regards. :cry:

Try … hp?catid=8
and then in the “Release Notes and Previous Software Packages” section you will find all the Prizm 3.0 docs - User Guide, Setup Guides for Windows and Linux, and Administration Guide.

You may want to consider the Prizm Quick Install if you don’t have a complex situation, or are just wanting to trial Prizm. Both the Quick Install software package and the Quick Install Guide are also available on that web page.

For Windows: Windows Setup Guide

For Linux: Linux Setup Guide

The above and additional documentation (release notes, etc) is available here.

Doh! Should have refreshed the page. Oh well, I guess two answers are better than none.