Prizm woes

I was having a problem with Prizm where I would click the Show Details button and the app would become unresponsive. Even after waiting 30 minutes or more the app appeared to have choked. The only way to get anywhere was kill the javaw process in the task manager and restart the program.
So… I decided to reboot the Prizm server. It’s a windows box.
Now I cannot log in, either locally or from any other machine.
I get "An unknown error occured…
java.rmi.NotBoundException: CanopyPrizm"

I used lmtools and checked to make sure all the license servers were up and available and they are.
I’ve stopped and started the Canopy Prizm Server service a couple times, to no avail.
I’m at a loss to where to look now.

Love the solution to got to this problem. Hey I think its java, I had this happen before uninstalled it and then put it back in and it worked for some time. I also removed some other applications like Dartware from the server and the problem went away for some time. Now, well now, I just cant get it started. Im going to try the silly java again.

I have a bit more data in reguards to this. I rebuilt this machine and started from scratch. The only error messages i can find reside in c:'canopy’prizm’bin’logs in the stdout.log file. Once you open the management console webpage and see the server is down report I have this log entry.
PRIZM ERROR Wrror while retrieving serverjava.rmi.ConnectionException: Connection Refused to host: localhost: nested exception is: Connection refused

Called Moto support and on phone with them now.
First we verified that all services are showing running under services - yes
did a lisence check: lmutil lmstat -a
the report was all good.
– Surprise – my prizm status is up.
Strange i have a TID so i can watch this and make sure that this gets properly resolved if it happens again.
– notes –

Moto rola informed me that durring the initial install and setup that even though services show running that it can often take some time for the processes to completley kick in due to population of data… Hmm

My database is instact so there could not have been any writing or re writing of my db.

Is this only for when you click show details? Or are there other screens where you experience this problem?

What version of Java are you using for the Client?

Do you have all Prizm ports open between your Client PC and the Prizm Server?

We have the same problem with the details page of the network. Other parts of the Prizm client are working ok

I have had much better performance when accessing Prizm using the IP instead of the FQDN - there has been some mention of a bug in the JRE concerning DNS resolution.

Adding the recommended host file entry tends to help as well.

We have also noticed better performance with an older version of Java, any of the later version 5 updates.