PrizmEMS Performance History

Hi, Expert :


Problem description:

I have a question concerning where does PrizmEMS keep the performance history such as RF byte count, Ethernet byte count.

Our customer would like to extract this information into a table and use excel to make performance calculation. Currently we were able to get the data from the postgres table. The table contain many columns of data that required, but only for about 24 hours or 60 continuous records. Any records more than that were not kept in the postgres database.

For this problem, Lately I have ever got the suggestion for canopy dev. team:
“To pull information from the PrizmEMS system, you should be going through the Northbound Interface given via the Prizm SDK. The data , it is kept in a binary file, rather than the database. So the binary information isn’t given out to customers, so you need to Northbound API’s to gather the data what you need”

But now, I still have confusion on this, Our customer are more familiar with Postgres query by pgadmin3. They would like to query ‘nodemgr_element_performance’ periodically and export to another database for statistic and traffic analysis. But they found that Prizm collect only latest record. The previous values are archieved to somewhere? (We suspect /usr/local/Canopy/Prizm/modules/performance/data/*.rrd.) They would like to expand period that Prizm keep this performance information and access/read archieve files. Does this query have effect on BAM/Prizm service?

With NBI approach, we also want more information like OSS requirement, sample scripts and detail of implementation.
Pls help me on this issue. Thanks :wink: