Can I use PrizmEMS without BAM?

Yes you can use Prizm without BAM however Prizm is element management while BAM is authentication and bandwidth management. Prizm cannot perform the BAM functions, they serve two separate purposes.

We do have a 30-day free trial offer on our webpage for Prizm. I had an excited customer call me after performing a rapid password change. Prizm saved them a ton of time. It allows you to create a template and implement it on all the selected elements (SM’s, AP’s, BH’s, and CMM Micro’s). Any changes you can do via SNMP or HTTP can be done via Prizm. It will greatly reduce your scheduled changes.

Check it out… … hp?catid=8

BTW, you will need to also download and install the free license manager. (This is outlined in the release notes and Prizm help file)