Problem after FW upgrade with NAT

i have some SM's an AP working flawless on 13.1.3.

Started upgrading FW for getting up to date. First to 13.2.1 using cnut (latest version). SM upgrade ok, but after upgrade not reachable with management ip, only via AP. Disabling NAT settings and all is ok.

On SM NAT settings: WAN interface reply to ping, remote configured interface ok. Works fine on 13.1.2 and all FW before.

Tried upgrade further to 13.4 and same thing happening. SM's connect to AP and stay connected (no drops), but customers loose internet connectivity on and of all the time when in NAT mode.

Did not upgrade furhter because of to many problems and time taking on each SM to disable NAT to reach then through cnut, so downgraded again to 13.1.3. Same settings and no problems.

Any solutions or ideas? Wanted to go all the way to FW 14.1.2 but have to be shure this problem will not happen. Takes to long upgrading like this and to much downtime for the customers.

We are aware of the issue due to which SM Radio with NAT WAN Remote Management and Management VLAN not accessible from the AP side and same has been fixed in Beta System Software release 14.2 (Build 30) that is available on our website.Here is the link for the same:

The software will officialy released soon.Since your AP and SMs are working fine with the NAT mode in software version 13.1.3,you can either upgarde the radios to this Beta version to have radios on the latest software version or wait for official release and then upgrade the radios using that software version