Problem claiming devices on cnMaestro on premises

Hello, im having trouble claiming my devices on cnMaestro on premises.

I have cnMaestro on a VM on my PC, i have a cnMatrix and a ePMP force 300 connected directly to the PC. I have connectivity with the VM but the devices won’t claim. They are in the state Waiting for Device.

I have configured the URL on the Force 300 to reach the VM, but im stuck there.

Any ideas, sorry for my bad english


Please unicast me techsupport dump from ePMP force 300, we will analyze the log and share the next action plan.

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You say connectivity to the server, but can your server ping the devices?
Depending on your network topology (l2/l3) and how and where you assign ip addresses you may have one way reachability.

Make sure your server can ping the ap, the sm and the wifi router. If it can then make sure you have correct cnMaestro credentials on each affected device.

I suggest testing connectivity from the device itself using tools in its web UI. That is the more important part because it is the device that initializes the connection to cnMaestro.