Problem for design canopy network

I have a problem…i want to install point to point BH for Plant A to Plant B, the problem is between Plant A & Plant B, had high voltage power line …can anybody have an answer for this problem :frowning:

What have you tried? how far apart is A & B

clueless wrote:
What have you tried? how far apart is A & B

point A & b about 4km....between A & B have high-voltage power line cabel.....can this situation interupt canopy connection?

That is a very short distance. I am not sure in your case if it will effect your proformance.

we run the 5.7 20meg backhauls the distance is 11.8km and between there are 2 high voltage transmission lines. they are about mid-way between.

Our other one is only 7.5km and there are high voltage lines between.

Can you test? at that distance you should be able to connect with the ap from site B with a reflector

tq for info…we are using BH 5.7 ghz…I test and I let u know the result

Add info:
this picture describe my site area. plant A about 4-story high ( about 200 meter from power line), power line about 4-story high & plant B about 2-story high (about 3+ km from power line)

Can you say ‘transparent’. Unless they are really dense, you should be able to get through those. Recommend using reflector kits for backhauls, and you should be fine…