Problem gateway with TWO VLAN


Problem configuring a NETWORK with 2 VLANs
The first VLAN is on the network side.

VLAN1 =>
I do have an internet connection

But I have a problem when I enable VLAN2
VLAN2 =>
creation of a DHCP "POOL" on VLAN2
RANGE => to
Default route =>

In the WLAN SSID "test" I indicate VLAN2 well

I am receiving an IP
But you can't connect to the Internet.

From my PC connected to the WIFI with the SSID "test" impossible to go on the internet.
I can do a PING on of VLAN2 but not on of VLAN1
I can't ping of the GW either.

From my PC connected to the wired network, I do have internet access.
But you can't PING on VLAN2
But I can do a PING on the VLAN1

How is it that routing is not done.
In VLAN2, the "DEFAULT GW" is indicated


Based on description, it seems to be a configuration error.

Could you please email tech-support of device at

Procedure to download tech-support:

  • Login to GUI
  • Navigate to Operations
    • Click on Download Tech-Support.


No, it is not a configuration problem.
But rather a radius response time problem when the customer's MAC is no longer authorized to access the service.

By increasing the TIMEOUT in the radius response waiting E500, I have much less problem.

Well I am in exchange of test with the technical support of CAMBIUM and as soon as I have more news I inform you.

Thank you