Problem in our networks

Good evening Mr / Mm

Please I have a in general, we have AP 2000s with several clients connected to them but we are facing a serious interference problem in many of our sites

we change frequency at any time but its persists. Moreover the major concern is that the uplink quality is very low compared to the downlink quality; often even if the signal between the SM and the base is good.

please help me our customer complains !!!!!!!!

I count on you!!!!

NB: And if there is a hardware solution to manage the interference please suggest to me.
and above all I need an interlocutor who speaks the French language well !!!!

Show Monitor - Wireless

Your linktests indicate heavy interference at the access point. 

Thank you for your answer, here are the images of the wireless monitor

Your signals are very weak. Improve your SnR.

You are using force 180 with 3.6km links. This won’t work.

Force 200 for all installs, and make sure you are operating on a clean channel.

Hello Barry,

the issue I see first is the alignment of the access point towards your clients.
You need to align it well so that you have better received signal.

Let me know if you still have the same issue and I assist you.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe